ABOUT Excelsior Special Needs School

Excelsior Special Needs School provides education and care for children 6 to
13 years with autism, moderate learning difficulties and complex needs.

One of the biggest decisions a parent has to make is to decide on a school for their child. We hope this prospectus will provide you with the necessary information.

Excelsior Special Needs School is a multicultural non-denominational private school for learners struggling to cope with formal mainstream academic programmes. It is for learners who have repeated twice in a formal academic school or perhaps have been diagnosed with learning difficulties. 

We are situated in Parkrand and are a small school with limited space. The classes are small of 10 learners per teacher. The students are taught in a calm atmosphere with fair discipline. There is a safe, secure and loved environment for the students. Group based interaction is encouraged both outside and inside the classroom.

Additional skills are also incorporated into the program to enhance learners’ skills. We also focus on social interaction skills and self-confidence. This is all done with the aid of therapists.

Peterhouse School is an independent day specialist provider of education in Boksburg for children who have a range and complexity of needs such as, Autism and Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Speech, language and communication difficulties, Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorder, Developmental Delays/Disorders, Asperger’s syndrome, Mental health issues to name a few.

It is important that learners are provided with skills that they can use after they have left school and become independent.

Learning is the process through which the students can develop their knowledge, skills and understanding to the point where they have retained and generalised what has been taught.

All staff will work in such a way that the learning environment is calm and consistent, with clear expectation, both as a group and as individuals. This will maximise information processing throughout each day allowing the students to realise their full potential. The curriculum design across all age ranges connects each student with the acquisition of knowledge, skill and understanding related to minimising the effects of a diagnosis of autism and its associated learning difficulties. This design makes meaningful connections for students, which maximises their potential for success and independence.

We provide a holistic approach and Excelsior Special Needs School is associated with Excelsior Academic College, which is mainstream. The interact with the mainstream school and go outings with them and attend functions with Excelsior Academic College as well.



Individual Attention

The classroom environment at Excelsior Special Needs School allows your child’s educators to give them the time and attention that they need in order to succeed. We believe in keeping class numbers low to maximum learning potential.

Fantastic Facilities

Improve childrens development and help them socialise with other children around them.

Life Long Learning

We believe in equipping your children with the skills to be able to learn for the rest of their lives in a loving and caring atmosphere


  • Inconsistent response to sounds
  • Poor eye contact and attention span
  • Speech and Language delay
  • Unusual reactions to the way things smell,taste, look or feel
  • Poor fine motor skills such as handwriting, cutting paper ect
  • clumsy movement or poor coordination
  • Delays in academic achievement.

Our Vision and Mission


Excelsior Special Needs School provides value in the education and care of children with autism, epilepsy, mild learning
difficulties and associated challenging behaviours by providing each child with good quality experiences.
Excelsior Special Needs School aims:
 To create an atmosphere which provides the educational, emotional and social development of the
students and helps to prepare them for the experiences, opportunities and responsibilities of adult life
 To develop and achieve independence
 To provide varied and individual learning opportunities, which are differentiated to meet the needs of
each individual student
 To increase each student’s self esteem
 To promote equal opportunities for all students ability, disability, gender, religion or ethnicity
 To develop positive working relationships with parents to support them in the care, education and well-
being of their children


To provide children with opportunities to explore, to discover, to engage in hands-on learning and to have fun
in a program. All children with learning disabilities will receive the most appropriate support to enable them to
lead healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.

About Us

We are Excelsior special needs school, a place of educational excellence.

We equip your children for their chosen field of study and careers with lifelong learning skills.